Dr. Rahul

Dr. Rahul’s journey in dentistry began with a strong desire to improve people’s health and quality of life. He finds immense fulfilment in his career, particularly in alleviating patients’ pain and boosting their self-confidence through cosmetic treatments. Dr. Rahul has profound interest in Implants and is a Fellow of International Congress of Implantalogy (FICOI). He is also a proud member of the Australian Society of Endodontics and shares his expertise by teaching and has served as a honorary clinical consultant in training local graduates from UWA. Beyond dentistry, Dr. Rahul is an avid cricket player, enjoys badminton, and finds solace in reading. Furthermore, he devotes his time to volunteering with the Red Cross and child welfare charities, showcasing his commitment to both his profession and his community.

Dr. Somil

Dr. Somil Kharbanda, a seasoned general dentist since his 2011 graduation, brings over four years of dedicated service to Mundaring Dental Centre. He prioritizes patient comfort, excelling in wisdom tooth extractions, surgical procedures, and maintaining effective communication with each individual. Dr. Somil’s career is marked by his commitment to positive patient experiences, and his passion extends to his love for “3 C’s” – Coffee, Curries, and Cricket – offering a well-rounded approach to life outside the clinic.Experience professional dental care from a practitioner who values both your health and your comfort.

Dr. Amit

Dr. Amit is deeply committed to delivering exceptional dental care, prioritizing the needs of his patients with a calm demeanour that eases even the most apprehensive individuals. His passion for dentistry is unwavering, and he actively pursues ongoing education to enhance his abilities and stay updated with the latest advancements in the field. Dr. Amit’s journey to Western Australia was sparked by his admiration for the country’s multicultural atmosphere and lifestyle, ultimately leading to his relocation and dedication to providing high-quality care in this beautiful state. 



Dr. Gary

Meet Dr. Gary Hewett, a dynamic and skilled dentist who brings boundless energy and friendliness to the clinic, often heard whistling through the hallways. Beyond his proficiency in all forms of general dentistry, Dr.Gary stands out as a kind-hearted individual. Not only is he a dedicated dentist, but he also serves as the founder and CEO of “Awareness Cambodia,” a not-for-profit humanitarian organization focused on relieving poverty and fostering life skills through self-sustaining projects overseas. His exceptional contributions earned him the cross-cultural Order of Australia Medal and a finalist spot for Australian of the Year. Outside the office, Dr. Gary is an avid cyclist and cherishes quality time with his family and friends, reflecting his passion for both humanitarian work and a well-balanced life.


Dr. Guru

Perth native, Dr. Guru, holds a Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Western Australia and has been part of the Mundaring Dental Centre, following prior experience in QLD. Driven by a passion for empowering his patients, he ensures a comfortable and fulfilling dental journey. While proficient in all aspects of dentistry, his expertise shines in crown and bridgework and root canal treatments. Committed to continuous growth, Guru actively pursues knowledge through educational courses and participates in various dental groups. With a diverse background, including service in both metropolitan and regional public clinics, Dr. Guru’s dedication extends to pro-bono dental treatment in rural Nepal as a volunteer, showcasing his commitment to global oral health. 



Dr. Aline

Dr. Aline is deeply committed to enhancing her patients’ lives by providing them with beautiful smiles and optimal oral health, a core mission in her dental practice. She’s a versatile dental professional with a passion for both cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. Recognizing the challenges of dental phobia, Dr. Aline is dedicated to creating a positive dental experience for her patients. Outside of the clinic, she cherishes quality time with her husband and two children, fostering a love for nature through camping and exploration, which brings them lasting peace and happiness. 



Dr. Tashmita

Dr. Tashmita is a distinguished dental professional with a unique blend of personal and professional qualities that set her apart. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Sciences from Manipal College of Dental Sciences and ADC accreditation from Melbourne, her passion for Endodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry is evident. Dr. Tashmita’s exceptional technical skills, compassion, and inventive approach create a comforting atmosphere for her patients, establishing trust through clear communication. Beyond her clinical expertise, she finds solace in activities like dancing, cooking, and swimming, reflecting her vibrant personality and commitment to holistic well-being.


Dr. Harman

Dr. Harman is a compassionate and dedicated dentist, with a journey spanning from India to Australia, culminating in completing her ADC exams in 2017. Based in Sydney for several years before relocating to Perth, she has found her heart’s home in this vibrant city. Her focus on quality service and patient-centered care shines through her approach, as she takes the time to listen to her patients and tailor treatment plans to their specific needs. Dr. Harman’s passion encompasses all facets of general dentistry, with a special dedication to working with children, a role she embraces as a mother of two. Her nurturing nature and patience ensure a positive experience for young patients while instilling good oral hygiene habits from an early age. Beyond her professional life, Dr. Harman finds joy in family time, beach outings, and exploring her creative side through interior design.


Dr. Sandeep

Dr. Sandeep, affectionately known as Sandy, completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery at Subharti Dental College in Meerut, India, in 2004. She subsequently undertook the Australian Dental Council Licensing exams, which led to her registration as a dentist in Australia, where she currently practices. With over 15 years of experience in Dentistry, Dr. Sandy is a seasoned professional fluent in English, Hindi, and Punjabi, allowing her to connect with a diverse range of patients. Her wealth of experience enables her to provide the highest level of care in a thorough and efficient manner. Known for her warm demeanour, she is particularly beloved by younger patients, ensuring a positive and comfortable dental experience for all.



Dr. Ashwin

Dr. Ashwin, a compassionate and dedicated dentist, holds a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Sydney. A native of Perth, Dr. Ash previously studied at The University of Western Australia, where he earned an impressive array of degrees, including a BSc in Physiology, BA in Psychology, MSc in Forensic Science, and Graduate Diploma in Sleep Science. His unwavering commitment is to enhance patients’ dental health and integrate it into their overall well-being. Dr. Ash values the impact of a bright smile on one’s quality of life and confidence. His expertise extends to restorative dentistry with a keen interest in endodontics, periodontics, and cosmetic dentistry.

Happy Clients

The best experience I had had a dentist. Managed to keep my anxiety at bay which I suffer from badly and did an excellent job of fixing a chipped corner of my front tooth.
Can’t tell it’s been filled at all. Thankyou.
Best dentist I have had.great bedside manner,friendly helpful and caring. would recommend if you are looking for a great dentist

Just had a wisdom tooth extracted. Was amazed at how quick it took. Did not feel pain at any stage of the operation.
At home with ice on my jaw. Will be going back to work tomorrow. Thank you to Dr Somil for being so thorough with explanations and gentle. Highly recommend him for all dental work😁

Really amazing first experience at this dentist with my son today. Reception staff were beyond helpful, went over and above and were extremely friendly, and the dentist was fantastic. Lovely bed side manner, very professional and clearly extremely knowledgeable. Very glad we have found you.
Thank you.

Amazing service. If I was resident in WA this would be my choice of dentist. Same day appointment for an emergency and treated with kindness and great courtesy and compassion from start to finish by all staff. Special shout-out to Dr Rahul Pankhaniya for saving my holiday from being a bit of a disaster. Thank you to all.