Payment Options


Payment Options

Treatment choices and associated costs will be addressed in detail during your appointment with our dentists. Our goal is to provide you with the care you require and deserve while also keeping your financial situation in mind.


It is necessary to first ascertain what type of coverage you have and what benefits are included in your policy because there are various different health insurance providers, each with their own set of criteria and levels of coverage. There is a diverse selection of private medical insurance policies from which to choose, all of which can provide coverage for dental care charges.

Our dental practice, Simple Dental Dentist Bicton, accepts all health insurance plans to assist you with the cost of your dental procedures.
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Children dental benefit schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule is a Medicare program offered to children between the ages of two and seventeen years, and their families must be receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A or another relevant Australian Government payment.

Individuals may receive benefits under the CDBS for a variety of dental procedures, including dental checkups, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canal therapy, and extractions. Benefits are not provided for orthodontic or cosmetic dental work, nor are they available for hospital-based services.

TLC Finance

TLC can customize a payment plan to meet your specific requirements. It has been designed to cover your medical, dental, lifestyle, and even wedding expenses. 

TLC takes excellent satisfaction in providing you with stress-free and individualized service over its many years in the industry. TLC can also pay you directly and help you modernize your business, or may assist you in finding one. Payment plans are available for amounts ranging from $2,001 to $50,000 over up to 84 months.

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National Dental Plan by Humm

Humm does things differently when it comes to Buy Now, Pay Later. Instead of concentrating just on the little pleasures of life, they provide consumers with the ability to fund whatever they require, no matter how large or small.
This signifies that they divided their product into little things and big things. All of your purchases up to $2,000 are considered little things. On the other hand, if you spend upwards of $30,000, it is now considered part of the big things. Each has its own set of regulations for approval, but they never charge interest on any purchases, no matter what.

Zip Pay & Zip Money

ZipPay is an interest-free online shopping wallet with a credit limit of up to $1000, offering you the ability to buy now and pay later on your terms.


Repayments start at as little as $10 a week, and we’ll waive the $7.95 monthly account fee if you pay your statement closing balance in total by the due date. Once you’ve been accepted, you can shop online or in-store anywhere you see the Zip logo at the checkout counter.

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