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Prevent cavities and other problems with regular scale & clean.

Changes in the body’s organs occur due to the aging process. These modifications impact every area of the body, including the teeth and gums. As we age, we are more prone to dental cavities. Cavities can develop as a result of this acid attacking tooth enamel.

Scale and clean are procedures where plaque and tartar that are not removed with regular brushing at home can be effectively removed by a dental professional. The use of such regimens will aid in the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease.

At Simple Dental Dentist Bicton, we offer a scale and clean procedure that helps to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Our team is dedicated to providing patients with a brilliant smile, a satisfying result, and easy-to-maintain, long-lasting dental work that they can be proud to show off to others while also reaping the full health advantages of dental treatment.

The Benefits of A Scale and Clean

A scale and clean procedure is an excellent way to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Here are some advantages that a scale and clean can give you.

1.) It can reduce bad breath

It eliminates the bacteria that is responsible for causing the stench in the first place. In many cases, tartar buildup is the primary cause of foul breath, and removing it at the source is an excellent approach to restore fresh breath.

2.) It can remove the stains on your teeth

With the help of a scale and clean dental procedure, you can get rid of stains caused by coffee, tea or wine. With tobacco also being an issue for many people who like smoking on occasion there’s no need to worry about those pesky black teeth anymore.

3.) It prevents gum disease

The build up of tartar and plaque on your teeth is the leading cause for gum disease. A scale and clean dental procedure will remove all the tartar and plaque to keep your teeth healthy.

Why Choose Simple Dental Dentist Bicton
for A Scale and Clean in Bicton

Dentist Bicton provides services to remove hardened plaque and tartar buildup that has collected around your teeth and gums. Our dentists are highly qualified and experienced professionals who will provide excellent service each time you visit our office.

At Simple Dental Dentist Bicton, we ensure that every patient leaves our clinic happy and satisfied with their treatment plan. All of our patients can benefit from our high-quality dental care at an affordable price! See us right away to assist you in getting started on the path to healthy teeth. We’re always open and can accommodate appointments from Monday to Friday.


Frequently Asked Questions About Scale & Clean

If you have healthy teeth and gums, we recommend that you get a preventative scale and clean every six months to guarantee that your mouth remains healthy. If you have had gum disease in the past, we recommend that you have a scale and clean every 3–4 months instead of every six months.

A frequent scale and polish are recommended for their cosmetic effect and preventative measure against gum disease. It scrapes and cleans away the crud that accumulates on your teeth — including bacteria-laden plaque, which is the primary cause of the most severe kinds of periodontal disease.

Scaling and polishing are procedures used to remove deposits from tooth surfaces, such as plaque and calculus (tartar). Gingivitis and periodontitis are some dental problems that can be prevented if these deposits are removed regularly over time (severe gum disease).

There will be scraping off the plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth with a bit of a device known as a scaler during the procedure. At this stage, the ultrasonic cleaner can clean below the gum line. Once all of the surfaces of your teeth have been smoothed out, your dentist will polish them.

A slow-speed handpiece with a soft rubber cup that spins at the end is employed during the polishing process. Prophylaxis paste is a unique gritty toothpaste-like material scooped into a cup and spun around on the teeth to make them shiny and smooth, similar to how toothpaste works.

Finally, you may choose to consider a fluoride treatment, which entails your dentist putting a cool fluoride-infused gel on the surface of your teeth to protect them against acid and bacteria. At least 30-60 seconds are required for the fluoride gel to be swished around in the mouth. You will be asked to spit out as much as you possibly can into the trash. Following the application of fluoride, it is recommended that you refrain from eating, drinking, or rinsing your mouth for 30 minutes.

A basic dental check-up, including a scale and cleaning treatment, usually takes 30 minutes to an hour and can be completed in a single office visit.
A basic dental check-up with a scale and cleaning treatment typically costs between 0 and 5 per appointment, depending on your dental needs and the amount of plaque buildup on your teeth. Depending on whether or not an x-ray is required, the cost could range from $300 to $400.

A patient’s gums may require scaling and cleaning procedures in order to improve the general health of the patient’s gums. Good gum health is crucial to good oral health, which means patients must get frequent dental cleanings to keep their mouths healthy.

If left untreated, it can cause bone and teeth loss over time. Receding gums can be caused by various factors, including poor dental care, brushing too hard, and the natural aging process. Your gum tissue can’t regenerate in the same way as the epithelial tissue of your skin does.

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