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Restore Your Smile With Multiple Dental Implants

Missing teeth can negatively affect your life. Not only does it make you look older, but it also makes you less confident in social situations. You might avoid smiling, laughing, and eating certain foods because of this.

If you’re missing many teeth, then multiple tooth implants are an excellent solution for replacing them as they look and feel like natural teeth. Multiple tooth implants offer a fixed solution to replace your missing teeth with permanent replacements that will not slip out of place over time. 

Simple Dental Dentist Bicton offers multiple dental implants that can help you restore confidence in yourself and boost self-esteem by getting back the smile you lost due to missing teeth. Our dental team has helped many patients replace their missing teeth with multiple tooth implants that look natural and feel great. We offer the best dental solutions at affordable prices, so our patients don’t have to wait years to restore their smiles.

The Benefits of Multiple Dental Implants

1.) The chewing and biting strength is comparable to that of natural teeth.

When you have all of your teeth, you can chew more efficiently than when you do not. After losing a tooth, your remaining teeth and jaw muscles are forced to work harder, leaving them more susceptible to wear and damage in the process. Losing teeth can have a domino effect, resulting in a vicious cycle of tooth loss that continues until all of your teeth are lost completely. Multiple dental implants can improve your teeth’s chewing and biting strength, making it easier to maintain healthy eating habits.

2.) It has the potential to restore your confidence and self-esteem.

People’s confidence can be negatively affected when they have a visible gap between their teeth. The loss of one’s teeth gives the impression of being older. Dental implants can enhance the appearance of your facial features as well as your comfort and clarity of voice when you talk.

3.) It can avoid deterioration or loss of the remaining teeth.

Dental implants are an excellent option for people who have lost their teeth. It can help you maintain your bite and keep your remaining teeth from becoming damaged. Dental implants will strengthen your jaw and protect the health of all surrounding teeth.

4.) It can improve your appearance.

Dental implants have a similar appearance to natural teeth in terms of appearance. Other people may not even be aware that you are carrying a dental implant if you do not reveal it.

Why Choose Simple Dental Dentist Bicton for Multiple Implants

Missing teeth can be one of the most frustrating parts of aging. It’s embarrassing, uncomfortable, and negatively affects your life in so many ways. The worst part is that it makes you look older, which impacts social situations as well. Some people might avoid smiling or laughing because they are embarrassed for others to see their missing teeth.

Multiple implants could be the solution for you. They’re posts made from titanium that go in your jaw and act as replacements for your tooth roots. The implants have crowns or bridges on them. These are durable solutions for replacing missing teeth.

Dental Simple Dental Dentist Bicton offers multiple implant solutions at our dental clinic in Bicton, Western Australia. Our team of experienced dentists will work with you to design an individual treatment plan that suits your needs and goals, whether it’s one implant or several! You can trust us to provide expert care at every step of the way – from initial consultation to post-treatment follow-ups. Call us now on (08) 9438 2032 if you need any further information about our services or would like to book an appointment today.


Frequently Asked Questions About Multiple Dental Implants

During your consultation, the dentist will examine you and evaluate your medical issues. It is vital to guarantee that proper management is supplied to achieve long-term success. If you are not a smoker, have healthy bones, and do not have gum disease, you may be a good candidate for dental implant surgery. Patients who need multiple implants are the ones with missing teeth, have speech problems, and don’t want to wear dentures as a form of treatment.

Your other teeth will begin to shift and migrate as well. There is a possibility of teeth grinding which causes problems with bite alignment, uneven wear from eating, and TMJ symptoms. The remaining teeth are also more prone to gum disease and cavities as time goes on.

A restoration (usually a dental crown) is put on a dental implant, which acts the same way as a normal tooth would in transmitting force and pressure into the jawbone. The result is that the underlying tissue is stimulated, resulting in a stronger jaw that prevents bone tissue resorption from taking place.

It is necessary to have the expertise of a licensed medical specialist to have dental implants put in place. If you’re thinking about getting dental implants, make sure the person doing your procedure has previous expertise working in this field. It is critical to ensure that you have a safe and successful surgery with the least number of issues possible before your procedure.

Dental implants are intended to be a long-term remedy for tooth loss, with a lifespan ranging between 20 and 30 years on average. On the other hand, their lifespan is entirely dependent on how well you care for your teeth and maintain good oral hygiene.

Dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime if they are cared for properly and checked by your dentist regularly. It would help if you brushed your teeth with a gentle toothbrush and floss once a day. Avoid using hard-bristled toothbrushes at all costs since they might cause damage to the surface of your implants. You should also keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum and avoid smoking. Cigarette smoking can cause your dental implants to become brittle and potentially cause tooth decay. Lastly, have a well-balanced diet and avoid too much sugar consumption. High sugar content will increase the chance of tooth decay and other dental disorders in the future. As a result, limiting your sugar intake will assist you in keeping your implants in place longer.

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