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What You Need To Know About Your Child's First Dental Visit

Most parents worry about taking care of their baby’s teeth and gums. They don’t know what the best way is or when they should start doing so, for that matter.

The majority of people do not think about oral hygiene until a problem arises. However, this can lead to more severe problems later on in life. It is vital to have the first dental visit to begin caring for your child’s mouth as soon as it appears with tooth buds. This will help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, or other dental concerns from occurring early.

At Simple Dental Dentist Bicton, we aim to offer the best solution for any case involving children’s oral health because we have a specialised team who will help you solve all such problems effectively. We use advanced technologies to ensure that the problem is solved quickly, making it easier for parents to raise their kids with healthy smiles!

The Advantages of a First Dental Visit

Aside from getting kids used to and comfortable with going to the dentist, there are several other great reasons to begin this oral habit.

The following are some of the benefits of regular early childhood dental visits:

1.) It prevents dental problems

Children‘s teeth are just as prone to deterioration as adult teeth. Even baby teeth require protection to guide incoming permanent teeth. Aside from monitoring and treating decay, we can also protect teeth (particularly in high-risk children) using topical fluoride applications or sealants.

2.) Bite development

We can detect early signs that a child’s teeth are not erupting properly and are developing a bad bite (malocclusion). If this is the case, we can take steps to decrease the impact of a growing malocclusion, such as inserting spacers to help guide an erupting permanent tooth. Early intervention can reduce the scope and cost of subsequent orthodontic treatment.

3.) Accident prevention

Dental problems aren’t the only threat to your child’s teeth and mouth. Even young infants can sustain lip injuries while playing or learning to walk if they fall onto furniture. And the risk doesn’t go away as kids become older, especially if they participate in sports. We can provide accident avoidance advice and assist you in creating a personalised mouth guard for that aspiring athlete in your family.

4.) Caregiver assistance

Every day at home is the most crucial aspect of children’s dental care. We may act as your dental “coaches” to assist you in getting on track with daily brushing and flossing and provide you with practical nutritional advice that improves nutrition and prevents oral problems. We will also assist you with dealing with other kid concerns such as teething, thumb sucking, or teeth grinding.

Why Choose Simple Dental Dentist Bicton for your child’s first dental visit in Bicton, Western Australia?

You’re worried about the health of your child’s teeth. Your baby has just started teething, and you want to make sure that their teeth are healthy for when they grow up.

At Simple Dental Dentist Bicton, we believe in taking care of your children’s teeth from a young age. Our friendly team can help ensure that your child grows up with strong and healthy teeth by providing regular checkups and cleanings throughout childhood.

Our team of qualified dentists will make sure that your child has the best possible oral health so they can grow up with confidence! The best way to take care of your children’s teeth is to start early. If you would like more information about our services, please contact us today at (08) 9438 2032 or book an appointment online now!


Frequently Asked Questions

The first dental visit is often quick and involves minimal treatment. This visit enables your child to meet the dentist in a non-threatening and welcoming environment. The dentist may request that the parent sit in the dental chair with their child and hold them throughout the examination.

The dentist will check all of your child’s existing teeth for decay, examine their bite, and look for any potential problems with the gums, jaw, or oral tissues throughout the comprehensive examination. The appointment time may range from 30 to 45 minutes. If necessary, the dentist will clean any teeth and determine the need for fluoride, educate parents about the fundamentals of child oral health care, discuss dental developmental issues, and answer any questions.

Among the topics a dentist may discuss with you are the following:

  • Good oral hygiene habits for your child’s teeth and gums
  • Cavity prevention
  • Fluoride needs
  • Oral habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip sucking)
  • Developmental milestones
  • Teething
  • Schedule of dental checkup visits

It’s important to know that the parent or legal guardian who accompanies the child for this first visit will be asked to complete the child’s medical and health information forms. Come prepared with the necessary information.

Many parents are unaware that babies and toddlers can get cavities. However, they can and do. As soon as your child develops a tooth, it is susceptible to decay. This is why it is essential to schedule a dental examination for your child as soon as the first tooth appears. The first dental appointment should be scheduled within 12 months or within six months of the first tooth showing.

We understand that the first visit is fascinating but also intimidating at times. Preparing your child for their first dentist visit is essential to providing a positive first impression. That is why we have created a series of measures to alleviate your worry and ensure your child has an excellent first visit.

Take a tour of the dentist’s office.

An excellent way to demonstrate what will happen is to take your child on a tour of the dental office before their initial appointment. This visit lets them become familiar with the office’s sights and sounds. This also allows kids to meet the staff and play in the waiting room, ensuring a pleasant stay.

Schedule appointments wisely.

We recommend scheduling the visit during a time when they are generally cheerful. This could be following a nap or a meal. When children are hungry or exhausted, they are more likely to be uncooperative, which could compromise their appointment.

Dental themed activities

Every child has a favorite character that they enjoy watching or reading about! This is an excellent resource for assisting your child in preparing for the dentist. Research their favorite figure and develop an activity that requires them to see the dentist or wash their teeth. Seeing their favorite character engaged can help pique their interest in their next visit.

At home, pretend to be a dentist.

Practice is the best way to prepare for everything. This is why role-playing as a dentist at home before visiting the dentist can be beneficial. You can use your child’s toothbrush and have them sit in a chair while you brush their teeth. You can imitate brushing and counting their teeth while explaining the importance of oral care.

Items of convenience

Is there a beloved toy or stuffed animal in your child’s collection? Then bring it along! Having their furry companions accompany them on this new adventure can help maintain their calm and assure their comfort.

Rewarding Experience

Please provide a small reward that will attract their attention. Whether it’s ice cream, a trip to the playground, or a new toy, there’s something for everyone. Promising to reward them for a well-behaved and successful visit will motivate kids to act appropriately. They will be more motivated to remain calm and focused on the task at hand because they anticipate receiving their award at the conclusion.

By following these tips for preparing your child for their first dentist visit, you can instill confidence and excitement in them as they face this new experience.

Taking good care of baby teeth will help prevent cavities, which can cause severe pain for your child. Bear in mind that these teeth are susceptible to decay and cavities. Cavities can be prevented with proper cleaning and care. When there is no decay on the teeth, they will retain their position for an extended period until permanent ones are placed.

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